Cheri Paxton from Living DIY Style has a video tutorial for a cross-body bag for you, coming up next. Take a look at Cheri’s site and her YouTube channel too. Cheri has a passion for sewing and design, with a special talent for creating custom shoes for women and children. Learn more in Cheri’s intro, and at Living DIY Style. Don’t miss her many patterns!

From Cheri: My name is Cheri Paxton. I’m a mom, wife and the indie sewing pattern designer behind Living DIY Style. I started my pattern design business selling only baby shoe patterns on Etsy back in 2010. Over the past six years I have broadened my pattern line to include women’s shoe patterns, boots, sandals, dolls, hoodies and dresses for girls.

Back in 2014 I embarked on my most challenging endeavor so far, starting a YouTube channel! As an introvert, the idea of getting in front of a camera, talking to thousands of people and opening myself up to whatever criticism might come my way, was far from comfortable for me. However, passion is powerful. I felt passionate about sharing my idea of completing a handmade wardrobe with handmade shoes that could be worn on asphalt and concrete. YouTube has been a great place for me to share this idea, and now that the ball is rolling I’ve moved on to sewing tutorials as well.

As a self-taught sewist (or sewer), I must admit that becoming an indie sewing pattern designer had many challenges and was a steep learning curve; but if asked to do it all over again, I would… In a heartbeat! I feel very blessed to have a career that allows me to live a creative life and enables other people to live a creative life as well.