Abby Timmis from Abigail Cecile Design designed this Sweet Posy Embroidered Hoop Art for you! Abby trained at the Royal School of Needlework and has a passion for her embroidery. You can learn all about her designs on her blog and in her Etsy shop. You can also find Abby via Instagram @abigail_cecile and learn more in her introduction.

Abby is giving away all of the materials needed for this embroidery project later today! Visit her site for details.

Enjoy this sweet new embroidery design! Abby’s PDF pattern includes helpful, detailed illustrations for each of the various stitches. For more free designs check out these projects.

By now we are all longing for some sun and color, and anxious for spring to arrive! What better way to hurry spring along than by stitching a posy full of colorful flowers. Hang it on your wall as hoop art or incorporate it into your next sewing project!


  • 11″ x 11″ Piece of teal cotton fabric
  • 6″ Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Peach floss (DMC 3340)
  • Pink floss (DMC 3706)
  • Dark pink floss (DMC 3831)
  • Yellow floss (DMC 742)
  • Gold floss (DMC 781)
  • Cream floss (DMC 745)
  • Teal floss (DMC 958)
  • Light green floss (DMC 166)
  • Medium green floss (DMC 470)
  • Dark green floss (DMC 904)

1. Download the Pattern and Embroidery Stitch Instructions.

Print the pattern at 100%. Transfer the pattern using a light box or iron-on-transfer pen.

To transfer using a light box, tape the pattern to the light box. Tape your fabric right side up over the top of the pattern. Using a fine tip water-erasable marking pen– or a lead pencil– carefully outline the pattern onto the fabric. A lead pencil may smear, so use with care. A window may be substituted for a light box.

To transfer using an iron-on pen simply trace right over the Reverse pattern with your iron-on pen. Cut out the pattern, leaving a half inch of paper around the design. Pin the design to your fabric. Follow the manufacturers instructions on the packaging to transfer the design.

Once you have the pattern transferred, placed in the hoop and tightened, you are ready to start stitching!

2. There are six strands in each length of floss. Cut a length of peach floss and separate all six strands. Thread two onto your needle. Outline the large flower in a chain stitch. Thread four strands of pink floss onto your needle and stitch the Lazy Daisies inside the large flower. Thread three strands of dark pink floss onto your needle and stitch the French Knots inside the large flower.

3. Thread all six strands of pink floss onto your needle and embroider Bullion Knots to create the center of the rose. Overlap and nestle the Bullion Knots into each other.

4. Thread six strands of dark pink floss onto your needle and continue making Bullion Knots around the rose center.

5. Thread four stands of yellow floss onto your needle and embroider three little Lazy Daisy flowers. Place a single French Knot in the center of each, using three strands of teal floss.

6. Use a Satin Stitch and two stands of gold floss to embroider the buds.

7. Embroider a single French Knot using three stands of yellow floss on the end of each bud.

8. Thread two strands of light green floss onto your needle and embroider a Fly Stitch to create ferns.

9. Embroider a Back Stitch using three strands of medium green floss to create the bud stems.

10. Embroider the lazy daisy branch by first stitching the main stem. Use four strands of medium green floss and a Back Stitch. Then use three stands of light green and dark green floss to embroider alternating lazy daisy leaves.

11. Stitch the two large leaves using a Stem Stitch and two strands of floss. The leaf on the left is light green, the leaf on the right is dark green.

12. Embroider six French Knots around your posy, using four strands of cream floss.

13. Adjust the positioning of your posy within the hoop until satisfied. Flip the hoop over and using a needle and thread, stitch a running stitch through the fabric hanging out the back. The stitch should be about 3/4 of an inch away from the hoop. Make a full circle. Tighten the running stitch so the fabric is drawn in and cannot be seen from the front. Make a knot to ensure the running stitch does not come out. Trim any excess fabric.

Hang your posy on the wall and enjoy your lovely work!