Georgie Munro from FishPetals Do Fly is up next, with info on taking a great product idea and running with it. Georgie has built a design business with a wide variety of sun hat patterns. She has Look Books, a gallery of hat images and a blog too. Take a look around!

From Georgie: Right up till the 1970s most Australian girls were expected to learn to sew, knit and crochet whether they liked it or not. No one needed to twist my arm! Of the three, sewing was my main passion and I stitched up doll clothes in my primary school years, “surf skirts” in my teenage years, taffeta party dresses in my twenties and dinosaur dressing gowns in my early thirties. More recently I’ve made ruched chiffon prom gowns and an awful lot of sun hats.

Hat by FishPetals Do Fly

Having trained first as an architect, then as a sociologist– and been somewhat sidetracked away from sewing during those busy years of juggling job, family and everything in between– now that my kids are all grown up I’ve gone back to stitching in a big way. I love to try my hand at lots of different projects so when I lost a favorite hat I decided to create my own; one thing led to another and now I design and make digital fabric hat patterns! I live in Melbourne, Australia, where we have plenty of summer sun as well as a strong arts and fashion community; it’s a perfect environment to inspire my niche business, FishPetals Do Fly. Fabric hats are a great project as they make up quickly and can use up some of your stash or, alternatively, provide a fabulous vehicle to express your creativity through clever and fun fabric choices and embellishment!