Lara from BuzzinBumble is up next with an adorable new mug rug tutorial, all inspired by the release of her new book Crafted Appliqué – New Possibilities! She also has some generous giveaways to throw in the mix, so don’t miss the tutorial.

From Lara: Hi, I’m Lara Buccella. I’m a mom, wife and a new grandmother too. I’m also a quilter, blogger and the author of Crafted Appliqué – New Possibilities, recently published by the American Quilter’s Society. My book is about a brand new way to machine sew raw edge appliqués. If you like the idea of amazing, fray-free, washable appliqués that can be sewn with a simple straight stitch, be sure to check out Crafted Appliqué!

I’ve sewn and crafted almost all my life, but didn’t become a quilter until my youngest child left for college. Quilting has become my favorite way to express my creative voice. Working with color and pattern and fabric is so much fun! I don’t think there is any other art form that expresses love so well or provides so much comfort– both for the maker and the recipient– as quilting does.

Two years ago I pushed myself past my tendency to be shy and I started my own quilting blog, BuzzinBumble. I had no idea what I was in for and to my great delight, I found a whole new world of friendship and inspiration. Often, my best ideas come when making gifts for friends. Here is a favorite from last year, which I made for my friend Ruth Bourke, in Ireland. (She blogs as Charly & Ben’s Crafty Corner.) The project was an 8” x 10” mini quilt featuring her two dogs, Charly and Wilbur:

Charly & Wilbur Mini Quilt

Over the years, I’ve taught many different kinds of crafts to groups of all ages and this has had a lasting impact on me. It definitely affects how I approach quilting. I truly enjoy experimenting and trying new things. You can take a peek at what I’m up to lately by visiting my blog at BuzzinBumble.