bluefig launched the new bluefig U, home to pre-cut felt sewing kits to help kids to learn to sew! We asked six sewists to share the kits with their kids, and to fill us in on how the kits worked for them. This week we’ll show you what everyone made!

Thank you to our challengers for jumping into the Learn to Sew fun with their kids:

First up is Kristy of Simply This Life and seven year old Lily, with the Li’l Purse Class 100 kit. Lily was able to do most of the sewing on her own and was really pleased with the results.

Kristy writes, “That is one happy kid! Once the glue was dry she immediately used the bag to bring some little treasures with her to Grandma’s house for dinner. The fabric is sturdy, but was easy to sew through, and looks great with no finishing the edges whatsoever–perfect for a young seamstress.”

Find more at Simply This Life, and check back for more from our challengers!

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