We have two more challengers in our bluefig U’s Learn to Sew Challenge! We asked six sewists to work with their awesome kids and the bluefig U sewing kits, and then show us what they made. Thank you to LiEr of ikatbag, Alicia Brown of Felt With Love Designs, Kristy of Simply This Life, Cheri Paxton of Living DIY Style, Rae Ann Kelly and Vanessa Lynch of Punkin Patterns!

Our next challenger pair is Rae Ann Kelly and her seven year old daughter Tilly. Rae Ann writes, “She’s been b-e-g-g-i-n-g me to teach her how to sew but we’ve had the darndest time choosing a project since she would like to skip all the easy stuff and make a sundress. Ha! She’s so much like her mama sometimes. Bluefig came to the rescue, thankfully!”

Tilly made a tablet sleeve and felt a great “sense of accomplishment” with the process.

You can take a closer look at the Rae Ann Kelly site, and check back later today for the final project in our challenge. Would you like to be considered for future fabric, pattern or kit challenges? Sign up for our contributor’s newsletter (Contributor Community Newsletter option).

Did you see Kristy and Lily’s purse, LiEr and Emily’s mini-duffel, Alicia and her daughter’s tote and the duffle and roll-up from Vanessa’s family? There’s even more at #bluefigUsewingkit.