Sewists of the world unite! It’s almost time for Sew-a-Softie Day 2016! After teaching kids hand-sewing classes for over 20 years Trixi Symonds knows that kids love to sew. Trixi is the author of Sew Together Grow Together, and she blogs about craft and hand sewing projects at We’re helping spread the word about Trixi’s big event…

Trixi writes, “Hand sewing is very physical, tactile and draws out kids’ creative and expressive abilities. It’s great for nurturing kids’ budding powers of choice and feelings of self-reliance, and it’s also just heaps and heaps of fun.” Trixi thinks many modern-day moms and dads don’t know how to sew and feels like a whole generation of kids are missing out on the many benefits sewing can provide.

To spread her love of sewing– especially with kids– Trixi organized Sew-a-Softie Day on July 16. She invites sewists from all around the world to take part from July 1–16 by sharing their knowledge and skills. Over 100 sewists from Australia, the United States, England, Ireland, Scotland, France and Israel are already on board.

If you want to join, you can do so by teaching a friend or neighbor how to sew a softie, by running your own sew-a-softie workshop in your local community, by posting a softie making tutorial online, or simply by promoting the event on your blog or on Instagram. If you’re looking for some simple to sew softies you can try Trixi’s monster family or this bunny.

If all this isn’t enough to have you heading straight to the Facebook sign up page, there are also prizes! Aurifil donated thread and F+W Media donated three copies of the soon to be released book Happy Quilts!: 10 Fun, Kid-Themed Quilts and Coordinating Soft Toys. All you have to do is post a picture of your softie (#sasday2016) and you could be in the running. You can find all of the info you need in the Sew-a-Softie day Facebook group. For further questions you can contact Trixi at

Looking for more? Trixi showed us how to make her Monster Twins from Sew Together Grow Together, and she also shared the Tic Tac Toe Pouch Pattern (perfect for summer kid travels!). We also have tons of additional Toys + Softie Tutorials for you to check out.