Tutorial by Havalah Turner

Havalah is a stay at home mom to two boys and one little girl. She is also a part time blogger over at Sisters, What! sharing her love of DIYing from sewing, crafting, a little home decor and a dabble in graphic design. Since having littles she tries her best to steal a moment here and there to sew and be creative. Her littles are her biggest muse and most things she makes revolves around them, like this DIY Great White Shark Sweater and some fun Soft Play Cubes.

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I’m so excited to be here today to share a little dinosaur sewing with you. I learned very early, that my oldest boy can become very passionate about something he really loves. In the past 2 years, one of those passions has become dinosaurs. Slowly I have been feeding his passion with homemade goodies like a dinosaur tails- http://bit.ly/dinotail, dinosaur sweater and a dinosaur bag. Today, I’m sharing how to make this fantastic dinosaur bag.


1/2 yard of felt for the main part of bag

1/4 yard or scrap felt in contrasting color for spikes

coordinating thread

scrap leather for handles or webbing

1. Cut your main big felt piece to be 22 x 14. For the tail cut a 6 x 8 rectangle and then trim it roughly to look like a little more triangular (like the picture below).

For the spikes, cut two 2 x 11 pieces, two 8 x 2 pieces, and two  2 x 2 pieces.

2. Sewing the spikes: Place your 2 big rectangle pieces together and pin.  To make the spikes look more dinosaurish, I didn’t use a pattern for the triangles, but just started sewing  triangles all the way down the felt piece. Some were tall and some were short and some were crooked. (see spikes in picture below). Do the same for tail spikes as well.

3. Sew the tail: First sew the spikes on the tail as seen in the picture above. Now fold your tail in half with right sides together (like hot dog style). Sorry, I forgot to take a picture at this part. Basically sew the edges together but leave the the far edge open (the short edge that doesn’t have spikes on it (on the picture above it would be the edge that has the arrow on it).

4. Sew the tail and spikes onto the bag: Like the tail, sew the spikes onto one of the short sides of the bag, also at the bottom sew the tail on right wear the spikes for the bag stop.

5. Sew bag: Bring the other short side over to the spikes side (right sides touching) and sew the side only. You will now have a tube.

6. Now we’re going to turn the bag over so the seam with the spikes and tail are in the center of the bag. Sew the bottom closed.

7. Finishing the bag: At the top of the bag fold down the edge and sew around the hole top. Then sew on your handles and you’re done!