Today, we welcome back Havalah from Sisters, What to share some more DIY dinosaur goodness. She created dinosaur tutorials for a DIY dino bag and a DIY dino tail. Now, she will complete the costume with an easy DIY dinosaur sweatshirt. The best part is that it’s an upcycle of an old sweatshirt!

I’m a big fan of upcycling old clothes and giving them new life, especially for kids. I’ve also made a shark sweatshirt for both my boys and they LOVE them.


  • An assortment of colorful fabric (this project is great for scrapbusting!)
  • A sweatshirt (old or new – solid zip-ups are the best)
  • Thick Pellon stabilizer

To cut the triangles, fold your fabric in half and cut a triangle out (don’t worry about cutting the side that is already folded over). They don’t need to be perfect, it gives it a more realistic dinosaur look when they’re all a little different in size.

Cut enough triangles to cover the length of your sweatshirt from top of the hood to the bottom. After you cut your triangles, sew up one side to close the triangle. Turn right side out. Repeat for all of your triangles.

Now, cut your pellon into triangle shapes so that it fits into your spikes. (I eyeballed this part, it doesn’t have to be perfect.) Place the pellon pieces inside your finished triangles.

Next, line up the triangles in the order you want.

Cut the whole back of the sweatshirt down the middle, from top of the hood to the bottom of the sweatshirt.

With the right sides of the sweatshirt touching, sandwich the triangles inside the back of the sweatshirt where you cut it. The pointy side of the spikes should be facing inside the sweatshirt.  Pin everything in place and sew from the top of the hood to the bottom of the sweatshirt.

Cut any extra off the triangles on the inside of the sweatshirt where you just finished sewing and serge the seam (a zig zag stitch will work fine here as well.)

And there you go! A complete dinosaur sweatshirt!

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