Kathy Green is sharing a pattern for creating a fun, felt shark softie with the option for creating contrasting fins from quilting cotton. Don’t miss her “tiger shark” below!


I designed this shark for my 5-year-old grandson Jack when I was making mermaids for my four granddaughters.  I didn’t want to leave the boy out of the fun!  And then, of course, the girls wanted sharks, too, so I started using quilting cotton for the fins to personalize them a bit.

This one is obviously a Tiger Shark!


  • 20” x 20” piece of wool-blend felt (Or 14” x 17” wool-blend felt and 25” x 6” piece of quilting cotton, if you would like contrasting fins)
  • Scraps of white and black wool-blend felt
  • Heavyweight fusible interfacing (I used Peltex 71F)
  • Premium Fiberfill
  • Fabric glue


All seams are ¼” unless otherwise stated.

Download and print the shark softie pattern

Tape the pattern together on the lines as indicated.

Cut two of the top and two of the bottom.

Cut four of the side fins and two of the top fin.

Cut two eyes from white felt ( about ½” long and ½” wide) and two pupils from black felt.

Cut one piece of white felt about 3” x 1”. Cut six or seven jagged teeth shapes.

Glue the eyes onto the X mark with fabric glue.

Cut the teeth shape in half and glue on to the bottom shark piece where it’s marked “teeth”

Let the glue dry, then machine stitch with coordinating thread.

Using the fin patterns, cut the heavyweight fusible interfacing ¼” smaller than the fins, one for each fin. Then, cut the tip off to reduce bulk.

Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fins, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sew the fins wrong sides together on two sides. Leave the bottom open. Trim the seam allowance, clip curves, and clip the top corner close to the stitching.

Turn right side out and press.

Top-stitch all three sides of each fin.

Stitch the fins on the top of the shark where indicated on the pattern (top fin and side fin on one side, side fin on the other.) Make sure the fins are angled back.

Stitch the top to the bottom, right sides together. Check the seams and stitch again. Because I know that these softies will get a lot of loving from small people, I always double stitch all of my seams.

With right sides together, stitch the two sides together. Make sure the fins stay inside the shark and don’t catch in the seams. Leave a 4” gap on the stomach for turning—not too close to the tail. Check the seams, then stitch again.

Clip the corners and curves. Trim the seam allowance to reduce bulkiness on the points of the tail and nose.

Turn right side out through the gap. Poke all the points out.

Press the tail fin really well. Draw a line where the tail starts sloping up. (Right where the pattern is taped together.) Stitch on the line then top stitch the tail fin.

Stuff and stitch the gap closed with a ladder stitch.

Shark frenzy!