Our next tutorial is by Kathleen Farley, a high school science teacher and avid sewist who sells some of her creations at Seamsrite4u.


Kathleen started sewing when she was a teenager and continues to sew through her adult life. She enjoyed sewing for her boys when they were small but working with leather and waxed fabrics is her current passion. She loves designing and creating totes and bags and now her boys have to try out her leather messenger bags and duffels. She also loves to quilt which she finds incredibly relaxing and calming. Much to her husband’s dismay, she can almost always be found in her sewing room and not the kitchen.

Kathleen is a high school science teacher in a private alternative high school in PA. All of her students have unique issues and the school tries to encourage them in areas aside from academics where they may also gain a strong sense of accomplishment. She loves to sew and teach. Two years ago, she asked to teach sewing as an elective to her students and is happy to say it has been very successful. Many
of her students are gaining self confidence in their abilities and don’t even realize they are ganing critical thinking skills in the process. Kathleen created the binder pouch tutorial for her students to start off the school year.

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