Delilah of Delilah Iris is back to share another felt Halloween mask! (You can find the Owl Mask she shared last October here.) Delilah designs some of the most magical felt creatures. Last year, she also taught us how to sew an adorable little felt turkey and a sweet penguin Christmas ornament.

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The leaves are turning, and there is a chill to the air. It’s almost that time again!

Yes the Halloween season is upon us! Which means everyone will be seeking creative costume ideas for the upcoming holiday!

The cat costume is such a classic stand-by for children and adults alike! This felt cat mask makes for a perfect easy handmade Halloween costume! Pair it with a jump suit and a tail for a quick and fun Halloween get-up.

This mask is meant to be hand sewn from felt but can also be put together with fabric glue for a super easy to make Halloween mask.


Begin by tracing all of the pattern pieces onto your chosen felt colors. Carefully cut all of the pieces out.

Line up the muzzle pieces to the end of the Front Snout piece as shown.

Begin sewing the muzzle and snout pieces together, starting from the middle bottom point of the snout moving outward, then folding the muzzle to sew upward along the snout piece.

Sew the nose onto the end of the snout. Match the Inner Ear Pieces to the Outer Ear pieces and stitch into place.

Time to begin adding some detail! Pin the Large Strip piece to the top middle of the Snout Piece and stitch into place. Stitch the Heart Detail into place.

Pin the entire Sewn together snout and muzzle to the Front Base of the cat mask.

Stitch the snout and muzzle into place onto the Front Mask Base. You can also decide to add a little decorative detail as I did, by adding some stitches with embroidery thread. I chose to add stitches in a deep grey thread to offset the grey stripes on the mask.

Pin the Eye Detail pieces into place and stitch in place with a matching thread.

Next add the Eyelash Detail pieces on top of the Decorative Eye Detail pieces and stitch those into place with a matching colored thread.

Pin the sewn Inner and Outer Ear pieces into place on the Mask Base piece. Pin a long piece of ribbon straight across the top part of the Mask Base.

Stitch the ribbon into place with a large basting stitch. Match the Front part of the mask with the Mask Base piece and begin sewing in place. Begin by sewing across the base of both ears. Then sew the entire outer edges of the mask together paying close attention to sewing the ribbon securely into place at the edges.

Once both layers of the mask have been stitched together the Felt Cat Mask is finished!