Welcome back for our latest post in the ongoing Crossroads Embroidery Series with Amy Barickman from Indygo Junction! Amy showed us how to select the right thread and needles, told us about important embroidery tools, gave us a free LOVE cross stitch pattern, and taught us back stitch and stem stitch. Today, Amy teaches us the French Knot and offers a free BLOOM pattern for you to practice your French Knot, back stitch, and stem stitch! Watch the video and download your free pattern today…

Looking for a new embroidery project? We have lots of additional, free embroidery projects!

Hello, I’m Amy Barickman, founder of Indygo Junction. Welcome to the sixth video in the Crossroads Embroidery Series. During the remaining videos in this series, we will be learning some basic embroidery stitches and I will be sharing a FREE embroidery design with each tutorial. Last time, we learned the Stem Stitch and today I’m excited to teach you the French Knot.

In the first two videos of this series, I told you all about the basics. Learn about embroidery needles, thread and foundation fabrics in my first video. In my second video, get the basics on tracing & transferring designs including my favorite method – Sulky’s Stick N Stitch. 

Today, we will learn the French Knot. Today’s FREE pattern BLOOM also features the back stitch and stem stitch, which I covered in our last two videos. The original inspiration for the BLOOM design came from my Vintage Notions book.

The French Knot is ideal for flowers, it makes a great dot pattern when placed apart or can be used for filling areas when you place the stitches closer together.

Let’s get started:

Don’t forget to stop by Sulky.com to pick up all the supplies I’ve featured in this series including a variety of thread collections and dish towels sets, as well as Crossroads Denim & Stitcher’s Garden fabric packs. It’s a one-stop shop! 

Join us for our next video as we continue with our stitch tutorials with FREE projects and learn my favorite stitch – the chain stitch. See you next time!

Vintage Notions Bonus:

This month I wanted to share another of my “vintage made modern” books – The Language of Fashion A-Z. This book was the first comprehensive reference book devoted exclusively to fabric, sewing, and dress and was originally compiled by my muse Mary Brooks Picken.

The stitches section of this dictionary is a wonderful hand embroidery resource featuring definitions and illustrations of so many stitches.

Click the image below to view the excerpt featuring the French Knot.

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