Both my kids have gone through origami phases, and I have to admit I love it too. One of our favorite things to make is a fox box, which is a little modular box made with three pieces of paper. My daughter, Poppy, and I decided to see if we could make them out of fabric to use as her class valentines this year. With a little trial and error, it worked out pretty well.

We started by cutting three 5″ squares for each box. A charm pack of pre-cuts would work great.

I fused interfacing to the back of each piece to make it a little sturdier. (Pellon SF101 is my go-to interfacing.)

Once we started folding, I used spray starch on each crease and pressed with an iron. Fold, spray, press, fold, spray, press, and on and on. A light quilting spray isn’t strong enough–you have to use the cheap stuff from the grocery store that holds a collar.

Assemble and fill with candy! A fun little project.

Want to make a fox box? Here is a good photo tutorial and here is a video.