We travel with 14 handmade bags. We love dresses on little girls, made by great-grandmothers.  We can identify fabric lines that came out 8 years ago. We love story time under handmade quilts.  We love eager kids asking, “Is it done yet?” We spend far too much time looking at what other people sew. We have vintage embroidery framed on our walls, piles of fabric next to the sewing machine and more WIPs than we’ll ever finish. We love the history, craft and artistry of sewing.

Kristin Link is mama to two girls and the owner of Sew,Mama,Sew! Kristin is a former educator who has adapted her love of teaching and training to focus on the wonderful world of sewing. Her favorite things to sew are bags, clothes and gifts for family and friends.

Beth Wilson is our managing editor. Another former teacher, she works to make the blog both fun and informative. From childhood cross-stitch and doll clothes to dorm room quilt-making sessions, sewing has always been a part of Beth’s life.  She now sews with her son and daughter.